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The engine room is a show apart.

It was planned to be a standout conceptual element, filled with creative and interactive details.


Underground and centralized, it is nicknamed the heart of the system and not because of its position, but because it is responsible for systemic functioning.



With an area of 143.00 square meters,  ceiling height of 4 meters and located below an aquatic environment and being the boundary of three other environments, it was structured to receive all the lateral and superior load . A robust structure in reinforced concrete with heavy hardware, in addition to having an excellent foundation.


Right at the entrance we will already have a technological look and with numerous management resources, which will allow us to operate the entire system and make accurate and remote diagnoses.


The equipment together performs the entire process of

filtering necessary to maintain the ideal condition of

water for the aquatic environment. The system comprises three pieces of equipment that operate in synergy: Static Mechanical Filter (FME); Automatic Mechanical Filter (FMA); and Biological Filter (FBio).


A viewfinder on the opposite back wall will allow us to admire beautiful jumbo carp from any distance and location inside the engine room, from the first glance.


We will still have two glass observatories at their ends on the sides, allowing underwater viewing without getting wet, an interesting perspective to feel inside the habitat of our cordial aquatic friends 




of total area

A lot of attention, dedication, design, compatibility with the surrounding architecture and garden was given to it, in addition to the interactivity that squandered connectivity.


A blend of appreciation in technology and life.

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